Well-accompanied roses

Well-accompanied roses

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The star flower par excellence, the rose combines with many plant varieties, each time creating different harmonies.

Choose yours!

Climbing on the pergola, solid or shrub ground cover in the middle of the lawn, the roses play the stars in the garden.

Isolated stars for the most part, because we do not necessarily think of allying them with other plants.

However, this is the best way to highlight them, by mixing colors and volumes.

Combine roses with plants

The rosebushes ground cover and bushes are thus revealed by the presence of light flowers: lavender, baby's breath, gaura, perovskia, perennial geranium, bellflower... But also by the small aromatic flowers such as rosemary, the thyme or the sage. All give them a graceful note and fill in the gaps. Make your choice according to the colors of your roses: blue flowers if they are pink, white if they are yellow… Romantic atmosphere guaranteed!

Also think aboutboxwood and to privet : their evergreen foliage and their varied shapes will enliven your flower beds all year round, and they go well with rose bushes to create a very "castle" decor. You can thus stage a shrub rose by surrounding it with a square of boxwood cut.

If you are looking for more modern effects, take your pick from the very graphic grasses and add color with bulbs spring (tulips, daffodils) and decorative garlic, whose mauve pompoms pair beautifully with roses ... pink.

The climbing roses and lianas can also enjoy the rewarding company of a clematis, but also the rustic charm of sweet Pea or someipomeo.

Rustic and spectacular

If you like English roses, with large, very fragrant flowers, take your pick from the creator's wonders David Austin. Try "William Shakespeare 2000" with its lavish double blooms, crimson fading to purple. Or “Evelyn”, one of the most fragrant varieties, with peach-colored flowers. But also "The Generous Gardener", a climbing rose with double flowers that open to reveal numerous stamens. So many possibilities to treat yourself to magnificent bouquets all summer long!

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