Pepper artichokes with herbs

Pepper artichokes with herbs

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Clélia offers us a very seasonal recipe. You must all see at your greengrocers these beautiful little bouquets of purple artichokes stretching out their arms to you.

Purple artichokes are a real treat, but you have to know how to cook them well so that they are very tender.

So follow all the peeling and cooking tips below and you'll make this recipe one of your basics!

For 6 people you will need:

  • 6 artichokes peppercorns (small purples often presented in a bouquet and not the large artichokes of the North !!! Also delicious but completely ineffective for this recipe)
  • 1 lemon
  • 8 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 3 eggs
  • Fresh herbs at will: chive, chervil, parsley

Recipe for peppered artichokes seasoned with herbs

1- The artichokes… Cut part of the stems of the artichokes, leave about 5 cm. Remove the leaves from the base in 3 or 4 rows, cut the leaves to a good third of the height, peel the stem and around the artichokes (the base of the artichoke, we call it turning artichokes), rub everything follow each artichoke with half a lemon to prevent them from blackening and put them in a bowl of fresh water with the juice of the other half of lemon.

2- Boil salted water and immerse the artichokes for about 30 minutes with half the lemon from the bowl of fresh water. Drain and set aside in the fridge.

3- Cook 3 hard-boiled eggs (10 min), shell them and mash them with a fork.

4- Wash, thin out and cut your herbs. In a bowl combine the olive oil, herbs, salt, pepper and crushed hard-boiled eggs.

5- When ready to serve, cut your artichokes in half lengthwise, place the herb seasoning on the stem of the artichoke, sprinkle with fleur de sel and serve.

It's a perfect little starter, which you can accompany with a chiffonade of raw ham, from Bayonne. If you have any leftovers (never had but you never know, cut into a salad it will be extra) ...

Hope you enjoy it and bon appétit!

Find all of Clélia's recipes on her blog, Cleliaiscooking

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