Tulip in a bouquet: decorative ideas for the home

Tulip in a bouquet: decorative ideas for the home

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Tulips are the absolute must to have a touch of spring at home. Bulb flowers with recognizable shapes and beautiful tones, and everyone is in a good mood!

Feel like spring? The tulips are on sale from December until around April. Forget the winter atmosphere! It's time to welcome spring with sparkling bulb flowers. Nothing like it to give you energy!

Natural & raw

Liven up the interior of your home with bulb flowers like the tulip. Double or fringed shapes look great nature.

Tulips look great in sturdy, handcrafted vases. For example, with a small, chunky knit coat. Very green and comfortable at the same time!

Minimalist & mono

For a minimalist look, you can put a single tulip in a slender vase. Then install several of these vases next to each other for optimal visual impact.

Or fill a pot with one-color tulips. This will revive interior accessories such as wooden crates, blankets and cushions in raw material.

Strong in color & powerful

Let the colors explode! Experiment with extremely bright hues, like purple tulips paired with bright pink and canary yellow flowers. Choosing sharp shapes further accentuates the effect.

Also very surprising: the fact of combining pastel bulb flowers with a neon touch. For flower lovers who dare to think outside the box!

Clean & fresh

Maintenance of tulips Is simple. Fill a clean vase with fresh water, cut off a piece of the stems with a sharp knife and remove any leaves that may come in contact with the water.

Put the vase in a nice place (avoid heating or exposure to direct sunlight).

Change the water, if necessary, to keep it clear.

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