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Ornamental garlic: colored balls in the garden

Ornamental garlic: colored balls in the garden

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Graphic silhouettes, variety of sizes and shapes: the decorative garlic brightens up the beds with their colorful heads.

We don't necessarily think of them to complement beds, pots and planters, yet ornamental garlic is as attractive as it is easy!

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Ornamental garlic: balls and colors

Depending on their variety, they have umbels of star-shaped flowers that are spherical or flat in shape, and come in mauve, blue, violet, purple, pink, white or yellow (allium moly).

Their high stem gives them a graphic silhouette which is suitable for the most modern compositions, such as gravel gardens for example.

Their size varies according to the species, from 40 cm for the smallest (recommended if your garden is not sheltered from the winds), to more than a meter for the largest, like the allium giganteum, true giant whose mauve flowers can peak at 1.50 meters above the ground!

Ornamental garlic: in the ground or in a pot

Allium bulbs are planted in the fall, from September to November. They tolerate all types of soil, provided they are well drained. Plant them in the sun, sinking the bulb to a depth two or three times its size. Group them to create an aerial decoration of colored spheres or associate them with roses, lavender, grasses, delphiniums, irises ...

You can also grow them in pots, a good option if the soil in your garden is too heavy. Place them in a mixture of ¾ potting soil and ¼ sand, with a good drainage layer: like all bulbs, they hate stagnant moisture.

Flowering takes place from May to September depending on the species and lasts about three weeks. The earliest are wild garlic, allium hollandicum; allium senescens flowers in September. Consider mixing the species to enjoy it all summer long. Finally, know that all garlic scapes are edible, do not hesitate to sprinkle them on your dishes and salads!

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