We tested Mon Jardin Ma terrasse .com

We tested Mon Jardin Ma terrasse .com

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Do you want to create the garden of your dreams but do not know how to go about choosing the right plants that are truly adapted to your environment?

We have tested for you the ingenious site designed to easily create landscaping online., what is it?

This site allows you to create 2D augmented reality from a photo of your garden / terrace. But that's not all ! Ingenious, he will only recommend plants that are truly adapted to your exterior, which he recognizes by automatic geolocation. Indeed, the automatic detection of your address when downloading the photo makes it possible to offer only plants adapted to your environment (temperature, soil, PH, exposure, rainfall, etc.). You can't go wrong and choose unsuitable plants, so no more excuses for "not having a green thumb"!

Getting started is quick, easy, and guided by video tutorials. In just a few clicks, you can create your garden or terrace intuitively.

What we liked: In addition to the choice of plants, arrangements and outdoor decorations, it offers predefined "plant arrangements". These are in fact creations by landscapers responding to common issues: mixed hedge, flower bed, shade bed ... practical when you lack imagination! We just regret that there weren't more landscaping items.

Finally, when you have completed your creation, the last finalization step allows you to edit a printable pdf that summarizes the project: photo of the creation, shopping list, planting plan.

All you have to do is buy the plants from your favorite garden center, and roll up your sleeves to plant…. Unless you prefer to entrust this task to a pro recommended by the site, that's smart gardening!

Try for free

You can test for free in its trial version limited to 5 plants and objects. The full version which allows you to choose from over 2,500 plants and garden items and is accessible for only € 5.99, which then allows you to make real savings in the choice of plants.

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